BERKELEY (CBS SF) — While most of the East Coast continues to deal with snowy weather, one Berkeley school is making its own white-out to set a new world record.

Aiming for what’s now likely the largest gathering of Albert Einstein lookalikes, 319 Black Pine Elementary School students, teachers and parents donned white fuzzy wigs and mustaches Thursday to make it into the pages of the Guinness Records book.

It appears the school beat the previous record of 250 people, but the Guinness judges will have the final say after reviewing all the evidence, which includes video footage and statements from participants. Any Einstein missing his and her mustache could disqualify the entire attempt.

A Black Pine staffer, also on the board of directors of the Contra Costa Civic Theater, provided the Einstein costumes to honor the Nobel Prize-winning contributions to math and physics, according to the news website Berkeleyside.