SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Genuine Grub in San Rafael is one of a few outstanding local food products I’m highlighting this week. They pickle vegetables with an old fashioned simple fermentation. Their mint and dill cucumbers has a wonderful ingredients list including; apple, green onion, dill garlic, mint and sea salt. The apple supplies some sugar that gets the fermentation going and there is no vinegar added. Overall, I’d say it has a mild delicious flavor.

Their spicy pickled cucumber has hot peppers added. If cucumbers sound too redundant, try the spicy pickled radish. Thin slices of Daikon radish add an extra crunch to this favorite. And if you’re really looking for something different, the spicy pickled cabbage really wakes up the palate and is the most tart of the group.

If you’re looking for something on the creamier side, look no further than the Wallaby Organic Sour Cream. Made in the Napa Valley along with yogurt, this is the richest sour cream I’ve ever tasted. It’s almost twice as rich as other labels you’ll find in the grocery store, but it costs the same.

Spread it on toast like butter, but you’ll be happy to know it’s only half the calories of butter. It’s incredibly rich and absolutely fantastic.

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