SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – Last month, KPIX 5 reported on the problems Covered California has had issuing tax forms to people who bought insurance on the state-run exchange. Now, tax forms for thousands of customers are still missing.

Jeff Ward checks his physical mailbox and his virtual mailbox every day, to no avail.

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“They’ve had plenty of time, they knew this was coming,” Ward told KPIX 5 ConsumerWatch.

But Covered California still hasn’t issued the tax form it was required to send enrollees like Ward over a month ago. The agency said he could file an amended return.

And he’s not alone. Recent widow Stacy Soggins still hasn’t received her 1095-A. KPIX 5 first featured her story last month, when covered California assured that her case was an isolated incident.

“I don’t think you’re seeing an abundance of people who have not received their 1095,” Covered California spokesperson Dana Howard said in February.

Covered California now acknowledges least 4,500 enrollees, had not received their tax forms. That’s in addition to the more than 100,000 who received inaccurate forms.

And those numbers still don’t include people like Jeff, who found was just told he had to to file a dispute to get a form and wait up to 60 days, well past April 15th.

KPIX 5’s Julie Watts: “Wasn’t it Covered California’s responsibility to get these forms out over a month ago?”

Dana Howard: “Sure, it is our responsibility to get the forms out on time, and accurately. This is the first time that tax forms and taxes have been intertwined with healthcare.”

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Howard said they sent the vast majority of forms out on time, and they are working through the procedural issues causing the other delays.

It’s no consolation for people like Ward, who worry Covered California’s delays will cost him. “I owe money. I don’t want to have to pay interest or penalty on top of that. I want to file on time,” he said.

Howard: “The best thing for them to do is to talk with a tax advisor.”

Watts: “Is Covered California gonna pay for that?”

Howard: “Well, this is a new day for consumers.”

Watts: “Dana, I’m sorry, let me interrupt you there. Can you answer that question? Is Covered California going to pay for fees, for interest, for costs incurred?

Howard: “Well Julie, this is a new day for consumers.”

We asked the question several times and got the same response.

And, it’s true, it is a new day. But consumers like Ward still can’t file their taxes.

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Covered California said at least 4,500 of the missing tax forms went out last week, but those do not include the viewers who have contacted KPIX 5 over the past month.