SANTA CLARA COUNTY (KCBS)—A fight over mosquito fogging is brewing in Santa Clara County as environmental activists are suing the county to allow residents to opt-out of the spraying of pesticides.

Mosquito fogging not only kills mosquitoes, opponents say it kills other insects as well and may cause health problems for humans.

“The spraying destroys the ecosystem in the Bay Area,” said Brandi Sue Madison with Healthy Alternatives to Pesticides, the organization suing Santa Clara County.

Denise Bonilla, manager of the local Vector Control District, argues fogging is necessary to protect people from West Nile virus.

“One neighbor shouldn’t make decisions that affect the public health of another,” she said.

While there is little support for an opt-out program on the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Ken Yeager said they should look at using more natural alternatives to pesticides.

“Having something more organic, if that’s the right word, I think would bring a lot of comfort to people who were concerned about the pesticides that we’re currently using,” Yeager said.

Many of those organic products have either not been tested or have proven to be less effective.