(CBS- SF) — As if you didn’t have enough ways to kill time on the Internet, a new game based on the autocomplete function in Google search has surfaced.

It’s called “Google Feud” and it’s based on the crowd-sourced phrases that come up when you start typing in the search box. It’s a little like that old school game show “Family Feud”.  Guess the most popular answer, you win. But here’s the high-tech twist, as Google search updates its algorithms in real time – the answers change based on what most people are looking for at that moment. What you guess today, might not be right tomorrow.

There are four categories: culture, people, names and questions. And because what googlers could be searching for in mass isn’t always PG rated, the game’s creators added a disclaimer, “beware, certain results may be offensive and/or incomprehensible.”

How does it work? Players pick a category and the game creates the first part of the question. Say you choose “names” and you get Bruce. What do you guess to finish the phrase? Springsteen, Willis, Wayne? You’d be wrong. The right answer today is current tabloid favorite, Jenner. You get three chances to guess and earn points for each right answer. The best players are posted on a leader board. And that’s it.

The interface is sparse, just like the main search page on Google. But, like googling, it’s also addictive.

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