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Q: Hey Ro! Noticed you were sneezing last week on our group bike ride. Have you found relief for your allergies? – Donna McGee, Pleasanton

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A: I am a work in progress!

As a weekend warrior (I swim, I bike, I run) I believe it is essential to receive chiropractic treatment. And while my body has been “adjusted” successfully for years, I tried something *new* last week! Here is how it began…

Daily, I post the “Sneeze Report” describing pollen count on Twitter and Facebook. I had this one person, Dr. Austin Davis of San Francisco reach out via Twitter and write, “you know, your allergies can be cured. Your body is simply intercommunicating within.”

Well, that got my attention! So I scheduled an appointment with the good doctor and this is what I learned.

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With Allergy season in full swing, being able to keep the itchy eyes, stuffed nose and sore throats at distance is crucial. No one wants to be the one to struggle through a meeting or cancel a date because you are a congested itchy mess.

Dr. Davis explained to me, allergies are essentially a miscommunication within the body. Whether it’s pollen, dust, nuts, etc. it’s not the allergen that is the problem, it’s the body’s inability to process it properly. Although there are many different natural techniques to ease the symptoms,(such as goldenseal, quercetin, saline nasal rinse, etc) the key is to find techniques that correct the cause. Because just treating symptoms is like just paying the interest in your credit card without paying off the principle, it’ll get you by day to day, but one day it’ll catch up to you. And for me, I don’t like to just put a Band-Aid on a cut. I like to find ways to cure it and figure out how I will not get cut again!

To address the cause, seeing a doctor who has the nano SRT device will determine and address alignments. If there are no practitioners near you with the technology, seeing a chiropractor to check the alignment of your skull and C1/C2 (the first 2 vertebra of the spine) is one option. If that area is out of alignment it can affect the nerves that exit the spine in that area, which are directly related to the processing centers of the brain/body, according to Dr. Davis. He says, by restoring proper alignment of that area, it will increase communication and increase the potential to process allergens better.

So, Dr. Davis snapped an alien-like photo of my head, and after just one treatment I can “breathe” again. I’m not completely cured, however, that night,  I slept a full  7 hours after my treatment (a record for me!) and I raced in the Oakland Half Marathon this past Sunday without popping an allergy relief pill.

Is a chiropractic treatment a cure to allergies?  I don’t believe one treatment can solve all, but I am hopefully on the right track as I schedule a series of treatments. At the very least, I am sitting straighter!

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