(CBS SF) — Finding an apartment in the Bay Area is hard enough nowadays, perhaps harder for professional ballplayers who may only want to be rent for less than a year, and especially if they have pets.

When Oakland Athletics pitcher Sean Doolittle and his girlfriend Eireann Dolan (and their Rhodesian ridgeback, Stella) found a spot in February advertised as dog-friendly, they crossed their fingers.

According to Dolan’s blog, the only catch was the couple had to provide a resume for Stella. Dolan said the realtor told her “think of it as a formal resume that you might submit when you are seeking a job.”

The resume the couple came fit the bill, sort of. It listed Stella as having lengthy experience being a dog (“I have never not been a dog”) and education at “DePaw University: Grades K-9.”

Among Stella’s references was the line, “She was featured on the cover of Oakland Magazine’s annual prestigious Hella Well-Behaved and Quiet Oakland Dogs issue.”

See the full doggy resume.

Unfortunately, the resume appeared to fall flat with the landlord, who did not rent to the couple, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The official reason was their vehicle was five inches taller than the garage stall, the Chronicle said.

They did manage to find another place and will move in later this week, according to the Chronicle.

On another note, Dolan also announced on her blog her plans to sell out the A’s inaugural LGBT Pride Night by buying any tickets being sold and donating them to LGBTQ youth.


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