FAIRFIELD (KCBS)— A Solano County Superior Court judge decided the fate of a convicted sex offender on Tuesday and that he won’t be able to reside in an upper middle-class Fairfield neighborhood.

Over 120 residents of Suisun Valley packed the courtroom to protest Fraisure Smith, 51, from moving into the Wilotta Dr. area of their neighborhood. Every seat was taken with residents lining the side of the wall.

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Smith was convicted of sexually assaulting four teenage girls. His last offense was in Solano County in 2006.

Superior Court Judge Arvid Johnson heard the arguments and then initially told the prosecution, “You made a deal and now you have to live with it.” He was referring to a deal they made 16 months ago. Johnson said this was a misappropriation of funds and is not the proper place for Smith.

The dispute began when a homeowner agreed to rent Smith his $3,200-a-month four-bedroom home with a pool, covered by California taxpayers.

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The judge ruled Smith would have to live in another county much to the residents’ relief, though it has not been determined where yet.

One protester and resident said she was glad that the judge stood behind the neighborhood.

Smith’s attorney James McEntee argued the neighborhood is appropriate because it complies with the law.

“This residence complies with Jessica’s Law and it’s the only one they can find in the county that does,” he said.

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Both sides return to court in June after a 60-day review to find a suitable location for Smith in a county adjacent to Solano.