SAN FRANCISCO (CBS-SF) — Forget the rodents, spider infestation, ceiling-high hoarded trash and, oh yeah…  the mummified corpse.  A neglected and slightly scary home in the Inner Richmond is still a real estate speculator’s dream.

Police believe the body, which was found wrapped in a blanket, was that of a 90-year-old woman who died about five years ago. Her 65-year-old daughter who lived in the home on Fourth Avenue for about a decade and apparently knew about the body, but didn’t say anything until recently. She has since been evaluated for mental illness.

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A story that sad is sure to tank the home’s value, right?  When it comes to how desperate Bay Area home buyers have become – this house is still a gem.  And speculators know it.

According to the Chronicle, hungry agents and the real estate website SocketSite, already price the home at an easy $2.5 million.  It’s close to the Presidio, Clement Street and Laurel Village and most importantly, it’s in San Francisco.  A few dumpsters and a coat of paint later, the home is likely to spark a bidding war.

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The paper also points out, under California law, if someone dies on the property, it must be disclosed to buyers, but only if the death occurred in the last three years.  A quick scan of web comments show neighbors think Anna may have died as many as 7 years ago. That’s long enough to make it a legal non-starter.

The Chronicle has more on plans already in the works to sell the property.

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