OAKLAND (CBS SF) – Clorox is trying to clean up a mess on social media after a tweet the company made.

The Oakland-based company joked about the new multicultural emoji icons released for iPhones, but many didn’t find it funny.

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The tweet said, ‘New emojis are all right, but where’s the bleach?’

Clorox is best known for its bleach. The new emojis include black and brown faces. On Twitter, many called the tweet racially insensitive. Others sided with Clorox, saying critics were being overly sensitive.

Nonetheless, Clorox removed the tweet and issued an apology, saying “We wish we could bleach away our last tweet. Didn’t mean to offend.”

The company said it was referring only to the new toilet, bath and red wine emoji icons.

Clorox apology: