by John Ramos

PIEDMONT (KPIX 5) — The Bay Area Milkman, also known as Pat Borella, has been delivering milk and other staples to homes every week for 30 years. These days, his clients are mostly affluent with a strong desire for local organic milk, which even he says, doesn’t come cheap.

“This is twice as much as regular milk, this is about $5,” Borella told KPIX 5.

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And while Borella admits he doesn’t quite understand the organic craze, he says that is driving demand these days.

“You know, it is a choice and some people are willing to pay for that. And whether it will make some difference or not, I don’t know. We’ll see in 50 years,” Borella said.

It’s that kind of honesty that Borella’s customers appreciate as many give him access to their garages and even welcome him into their homes.

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Tami Becker has been getting milk deliveries since her kids were babies. They’re grown now.

“My husband recently said to me, don’t stop the milkman. I know we’re only down to one at home but I love it that he delivers milk,” Becker said

Besides nostalgia, what Pat is really selling is trust. Trust in food, trust in a man.

“And these days trust is a hard-to-get commodity,” Borella said.

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The milkman says his customers may be requesting high-end, expensive products but he only charges them about $5 for the delivery service.