SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)—Google is tweaking its search algorithm this week, changing the order in which sites are ranked on mobile devices. Some analysts are already calling it “Mobilegeddon”. But is it simply hype?

The changes mean the search engine will favor sites with bigger text, readily clickable links and responsive web pages with a higher Google ranking. Of course this is important business to the Internet for bloggers and businesses alike, when it comes to those all-important page views.

Right now Google has a test site, which you can find at, where content creators can enter their site. It checks to see that it avoids uncommon software on mobile devices, such as Flash and that it uses text that is readable without zooming, and that it scrolls horizontally.

It’s an important thing to do. I actually tested two of my websites and they failed the test. I spent all morning fixing the issues and both sites are now compliant. The search engine changes are expected to take place on Tuesday.