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The Giants ace likes to take his hacks and took umbrage at Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer who suggested the designated hitter be applied in both leagues after Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainright suffered a season-ending rupture of his Achillies’ tendon during an at-bat.

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Bumgarner fired off this fastball to the Mercury News.  “What if he (Wainright) got hurt pitching? Should we say we can’t pitch anymore?” Bumgarner said. “I hate what happened to him. He works his butt off out there. But I don’t think it was because he was hitting. What if he gets hurt getting out of his truck? You tell him not to drive anymore?”

So do we have to stoke the flames of the tired old designated hitter debate for the 3,400th time?  We all know the DH is there because it allows broken down ballplayers or those with no leather to hang on and cash a paycheck.  Strategy be damned, we’ve got one-dimensional mouths to feed!

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What other sport allows half a player to play?  Even lousy defensive players still have to play defense in the NBA.   Warrior fans will see that first hand if the Warriors play the Houston Rockets and James “I’m all about scoring the basketball” Harden.  Perhaps we can adopt the NFL’s strategy of those who play offense and those on defense.  Fat chance. (pun intended)

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Madison Bumgarner hasn’t exactly made people forget Ty Cobb with the pine this year while still looking for that elusive first hit.  But he knows how to handle a bat.  His six home runs and 31 RBI are testimony that he’s not all about “keeping it low.”

In fact, hang around the Giants batting cage while the pitchers are taking BP and you will see first-hand how serious their approach is to hitting the baseball.   Bumgarner is from Hickory for crying out loud. Of course he has to hit.

After Bumgarner hit his SECOND grand slam of the season in 2014, Buster Posey was asked if Bumgarner spent much time talking about his hitting prowess.  Said Posey, “A pretty good amount-but he’s got reason to.”

If Max Scherzer hits like a pitcher, that’s his problem.  Don’t make it the league-wide debate. Keep the strategy, keep the intrigue, keep the suspense.

Let Madbum hit.

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See you on TV.

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