SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — Gizmo the cat is undersized and a bit slow, but is back home to the Cambrian Park house he disappeared from 10 years ago.

Katy Spagnola tells KPIX 5 Gizmo wandered away one day in 2005, and her family never was able to find him.

“It’s weird, really weird walking into the room and he standing there and you’re not expecting that he’s supposed to be in the house.”

That’s until Tuesday evening when she got the call from the San Jose Animal Care Center on Tuesday. They told Katy they ran the scanner and discovered that Gizmo has a chip with his name and her address.

Gizmo the cat.  (CBS)

Gizmo the cat. (CBS)

“It was Gizmo, and he seemed to recognize me when we picked him up,” Spagnola said.

Gizmo was not healthy.  A 20 pound cat when he went missing, he now weighs 6 pounds.  He has a healthy appetite, but he’s sickly.

The family that turned him in said he had just wandered into their yard, so they took Gizmo in.  That house is only 2 miles away, across highway 85.

“You kind of wish sometimes…the animal would’ve had a little camera on his head so you know what they went through for 10 years but, on the other hand, maybe you kind of don’t want to know,” Spagnola said.

Whatever happened, Gizmo the cat is now being nursed back to health. Living what is at least his second life with his original loving family.