SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Microsoft is holding its Build Developer Conference in San Francisco this week.

The company showed off a unique new website that caught the attention of millions, as it tries to guess how old you are.

READ MORE: San Francisco Bay Area Dodges Weather Threat; Dozens Of Lightning Strikes Remain Offshore lets users upload photos of faces and then tries to guess how old the person is based on Microsoft algorithms and APIs [application program interface].

“It uses big data. It’s using facial recognition features, which are mostly designed to recognize who you are,” said KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid.

It is part of Microsoft Project Oxford, a portfolio of APIs for developers.

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Magid is one of many people that has tried out the website, which has so far had mixed results.

By the way, it also guesses the gender of the person in the picture.

The technology Microsoft is using is still in the early research and development phase, so there are plenty of kinks to work out.  A fun way to mess around on the Internet, and it already has its own hashtag, #HowOldRobot

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How Old Do I Look website