PALO ALTO (CBS SF) – Wall Street analysts are crunching numbers on the potential impact from Tesla’s new home and enterprise battery business.

A Credit Suisse research note says Tesla Energy (TSLA) is more evolved than it expected, and that the battery business could be a counterweight to the risk from Tesla’s car-business, and that it could have Tesla’s stock ready for a strong run over the next twelve months.

Its important to note that Tesla isn’t the only company in the fledgling home battery business. Startups litter the landscape and some bigger companies are poking around. But as Elon Musk has done with EV’s, he’s put Tesla forefront of consumers and investors minds.

Tesla’s stock is still well off its all-time high of $286 last September, but has steadily come back after a lengthy descent in which the stock had lost $100 by March.