KPIX 5 Morning Weather Anchor Roberta Gonzales answers the questions you never get to ask on-air.

Q: Roberta; what are your plans for Cinco de Mayo? Staci Tate; Vallejo

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A: I will be at an outdoor concert providing a Weather Report and introducing a Latin Tribe Band, “Ruckatan” at Mexico Lindo in Pleasanton. You should come and say hi!

KPIX “5” Things you need to know about Cinco De Mayo!

  1. There is much confusion about Cinco de Mayo and exactly what it means. On May 5, 1862, the Mexican Army claimed victory at the Battle Of Puebla over the French. This is NOT Mexican Independence Day. That Mexican holiday is observed and celebrated September 16.
  2. Having lived in Chicago, I know for a fact that the largest Cinco de Mayo Festival is celebrated on the west side of Chicago at Douglas Park. A mind blowing 200,000 revelers show up to drink margaritas and feast on Mexican food. Denver hosts 400,000 people over 2 days.
  3. The actual origin of the “burrito” is really not known. But it is believed to have originated with horse herders in Northern Mexico, farmworkers in the Central Valley of California and Sonoran miners all in the 19th century. But these aren’t  your “fast food” burritos! The original burrito consisted of chili peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, squash and avocados.
  4. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated to a greater extent here in the United States as compared to Mexico! In the 1960s, Mexican-American activists began raising the profile of its citizenship in the US, celebrating pride in the community. In turn, Cinco de Mayo became a great opportunity for marketing in the United States.
  5. As of 2014, Smithsonian Magazine observed, “Cinco de Mayo” is the biggest non-winter drinking day of the year, and the top five drinking days holidays in general. (Yes, bigger than July 4th partying, but not bigger than the winter holiday of St. Patrick’s Day).
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With that in mind, Cinco de Mayo revelers in the Bay Area who have too much to drink tonight or early Wednesday can call AAA’s “Tipsy Tow” program and get a free car tow and ride home.

The company will provide a free one-way ride and tow of up to 10 miles to the driver’s home between 6 p.m. Tuesday and 6 a.m. Wednesday for people calling (800) 222-4357.  You do NOT need to be a AAA member. The driver’s passengers can also get a ride to the driver’s home if there is sufficient room in the tow truck.

However,  there is no booking a drive home in advance.

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