BERKELEY (KPIX 5) — The UC Berkeley community is on alert after a rash of car break-ins around campus during the month of May.

People who park their cars around campus are taking precautionary measures now more than ever.

University of California police said there have been eleven smash and grab burglaries this month on or near the campus.

Drivers like Michael Downs are doing what they can to keep their cars from being easy targets.

“The only thing we leave in our car is maybe our baseball gear. That’s it. We don’t leave any bags, we don’t leave anything out that looks like somebody would want to try to go for it,”said Downs.

Others like Darcy Morris said they’re parking in strategic places to minimize risk.

“I hardly ever park on the street, and when I do, there’s obviously not very much in here,” she said.

Police said in nearly all the incidents drivers had valuables stolen that were left in plain sight, a definite ‘don’t.’

With the recent surge in thefts close to Cal they are stepping up patrols, and reminding people not to leave any belongings in their cars.