MOUNTAIN VIEW (KCBS)— Google says it wants its users to know more about what it knows about them. The tech company is rolling out new privacy controls that shed some light on data gathering.

Over the years, Google’s privacy policy has gone through numerous changes as the company itself has changed and branched out into new services including apps like; Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Google+ and the ubiquitous search function that started it all.

On Monday the company unveiled a redesigned ‘My Account’ hub where key privacy controls can be found. The hub also breaks down which Google services are gathering information about them.

However, privacy advocates are skeptical about the move. Jeffrey Chester from the Center For Digital Democracy thinks consumers should be wary in believing Google is giving them more control.

“The fact of the matter is Google is continually expanding all the data that it collects from consumers,” he said.

The new privacy hub is said to be tacit admission by Google that its previous set up confused and frustrated some users.