SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— California is setting an ambitious goal for home builders that would make all new houses produce as much energy as they use within the next five years.

The California Public Utilities Commission announced an “action plan” Tuesday that they say will fulfill a decade long goal of making all homes energy neutral.

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The New Residential Zero Net Energy Action Plan, with origins dating back to 2008, now has the support of home builders, according to the CPUC. That development could spark a revolution in home building.

“Houses represent 32 percent of all energy consumed in California and energy constitutes a substantial expense for many homeowners, on average $1,500 annually and much more in hotter and colder climates. Moving toward (Zero Net Energy) will help homeowners better manage energy costs and become more energy independent, and at the same time help the state take a big bite out of overall energy consumption,” reads a press release announcing the new timeline for getting to net zero.

Cathy Fogel, a senior analyst and project lead on the plan, says CPUC is partnering with state energy officials and home builders to design houses that need less heat, less air conditioning, and use less power.

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“We’re really doing everything we can; first on energy efficiency and then you add in the onsite renewables, which typically would be rooftop solar for homes,” she said.

One critical step— making all those electronic devices plugged in all over the house, suck less juice.

“As our homes become more efficient, as much as 60 percent of our electricity demand will go to just serving our plug load and appliance devices in the future.”

The CPUC is hosting a public workshop Tuesday with goals and actionable steps towards attaining the plan’s goals on the agenda.

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