by Jan Mabry

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — What do you call hundreds of Corgis on a beach? A Corgi convention, of course.

An estimated four hundred of them came out to play in the sand and sun Saturday at the Norcal Corgi Con, on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. Their owners dressed them up in costumes and showed them off.

Some of them liked the attention; some, not so much.

Corgis are the favored breed of Queen Elizabeth II. She’s had 30, but reportedly has given them up for fear of tripping over them.

Legend has it fairies used these short-legged Welsh pups to pull their coaches and serve as steeds for their warriors.

Proceeds from Saturday’s event benefited two animal charities: Corgi Aid and Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

If you missed this Corgi Con, there’s another one in October.