SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The holiday weekend is expected to be a busy one for many California state parks, and officials are reminding people to be safe outdoors.

Greg Imura, social media manager for California State Parks system, says fire danger is high because of the generally hot and dry conditions at most parks, which makes the state parks’ ban on fireworks especially important.

He says people who plan to go boating or spend any time in the water should also be aware that familiar lakes and streams will be very different because water levels are so much lower.

And, of course, for those hiking and camping, it’s important to make sure to bring enough water and stay hydrated.

“It’s always important to bring enough water with you whether you’re on the trails or even camping. Check ahead because some parks will not have water available there so then it’s an important issue for you to pack enough water to last for your trip.”