SAN JOSE (KPIX) — Score this as a home run for water conservation.

For the past month, four ballfields at Cambrian Park in San Jose have stayed green, thanks to the efforts of Dan Seoane, who’s on the Cambrian Park board of directors.

Dan has a day job and family obligations. Yet, at least three times a week, Dan drives to Dublin — a 72-mile round-trip — to fill a tank he carries in the back of his pickup with free recycled waste water from the Dublin-San Ramon Services District fill station.

For Dan and the Little Leaguers, the water he fetches is liquid gold.

“We’ve cut back … probably 50 percent because we’re doing this three times a week,” Dan says.

“Having a nice, soft turf and having green grass is just a lot safer and looks a lot better. It feels good to know that we’re doing something good and safe for the kids,” Dan added.