SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — California’s highways and bridges need work and the state’s current fuel tax isn’t doing the job, leaving as it does an estimated $5.7 billion in unfunded repairs each year.

In an interview with Phil Matier on KPIX 5 Sunday morning, state senator Mark Leno listed some of several proposed solutions to the problem.

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Among them: raising the gas tax, higher vehicle registration fees and a new tax on electric cars.

“They’re using the roads, they should be paying just like those of us who aren’t using electric cars,” Leno said.

None of these proposals will be enacted without a legislative fight.

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The California Drivers Alliance is bankrolling advertisements criticizing some of the proposals, using hot-button phrases like “gas rationing” and “penalizing drivers” for driving too much.

After the loss of the Democratic supermajority in last fall’s elections, the legislative hurdle to get any of these revenue-raising bills passed — already high — will be even higher.

Leno admits as much.

“It’s a high bar, it’s going to be challenging, but we’ve got to do something otherwise we’re going to be just as guilty as Congress, just locked … in regards to our transportation needs.”

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