SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Franciscans are well-equipped to deal with chilly, fog-filled summer days. But throw in some 90 degree temperatures and the city goes berserk.

As the mercury climbed toward triple degree digits downtown San Francisco Tuesday afternoon, Twitter lit up with some refreshing observations.

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“San Francisco. Your Too Hot for me.STOP IT.Your suppose to be where I go to wear layers… All years around…ALL YEAR AROUND ?”

“You know it’s hot in when you walk on the shady side of the street… on purpose!”

“It’s so hot in San Francisco today, people are going back to Burning Man just to cool off”

“It’s so hot in San Francisco right now. I think the heat has broken my phone. It won’t recognize my SIM card now…”

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“It’s so hot in San Francisco, you don’t need a toaster to heat $10 toast.”

“It is so f–ing hot outside, I’m going to gain 20lbs on ice cream and frozen cocktail intake alone.

so hot outside

Nicole Jones is a digital producer for CBS San Francisco. Follow her musings @nicjonestweets


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