OAKLAND (KPIX) — Thieves stole about 100 pairs of shoes and other running gear meant for some Oakland kids who really needed them. They are training to run half-marathons and 5K runs.

The equipment was inside an ambulance the non-profit ‘Running for a Better Oakland’ uses as a mobile storage unit.

Sometime Wednesday morning burglars broke in and made off with all the children’s donations – their shoes, water bottles, shirts, even snacks.

“There’s a sign on the vehicle that says the stuff is for needy kids, and they still took it,” said maintenance worker Everett Ball.

According to the organization’s mission statement, RBO helps K-12 students “develop healthy lifestyles through running. By building confidence, setting goals, providing training and encouragement, RBO will give students the values for achievement and hard work that they can draw on for all areas of their lives.”

RBO board member Howard Nathel believes the theft will make the kids even stronger.

“There will be positives out of this… we’re already feeling the love from the community,” he said.

A couple of organizations have already stepped up and donated shoes and snacks to fill the gap.

The kids start training next Saturday.

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