SAN BRUNO (CBS SF) — In what could be used as an instructional video on what not to do when a fire breaks out inside a home, a Japanese live-video blogger inadvertently filmed himself as he frantically tried to put out a fire in his apartment.

In the video, posted to San Bruno-based YouTube, the man is seen trying to light a match when, after seven tries, the entire matchbox catches fire. The following few minutes of video show the man trying to put the fire out in all the wrong ways.

He appears to place the burning matchbox into a plastic bag with what looks like paper or tissues, before turning his back to tend to something else. The vlogger moves the fire to the other side of the room, where the flames only get bigger.

After exiting the room, then returning with a small bowl of water to douse growing flames, the man eventually tries to snuff out the flames with cardboard, which only makes the situation worse.

By the end of the video the fire has grown out-of-control, but Mirror reports that it’s not believed the man was harmed.

The video has been viewed over a million times on YouTube.


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