(CBS NEWS) — Rick Deckman was expecting UPS to leave two packages on his porch, but instead, home surveillance video caught an unexpected visitor pulling up in a U-Haul and stealing his stuff in seconds.

“I was blown away. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening,” Deckman said. “He was in such a hurry just to go get the box, get out of here and follow the UPS truck to another location.”

Police raided the alleged thief’s apartment using a license plate captured by Deckman’s surveillance video, reports CBS News correspondent Mireya Villarreal. Inside his home, they found hundreds of packages police believe were stolen and would have been re-sold.

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“There was just piles of stuff everywhere,” Officer Daryl Scoggins said.

“Porch piracy” is happening across the country. In Pittsburgh, a woman pushing a toddler in a stroller swiped packages from inside a screen door. In Chicago, a neighbor filmed an interaction on his cell phone after he saw a man taking packages from a front porch.

Developers in San Francisco say they have a solution in a new app called “Doorman” that will hold your packages in a warehouse and then deliver them to your home when you’re home.

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