CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (CBS SF) — An East Bay man surprised a father and his disabled child trick-or-treating Saturday with a gesture sweeter than any sugar-laden Halloween treat.

Antioch resident Timothy Joe Winn told East County Today that a Bethel Island man was passing out candy to kids when he approached Winn and his daughter. Alyssa, 6, suffers from cerebral palsy and a degenerative brain disease that leaves her dependent on a wheelchair to move around.

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6-year-old Alyssa (Timothy Winn)

Alyssa (Timothy Winn)

Winn saw the unidentified man drop what looked a $10 bill in Alyssa’s bag “for the wheelchair maintenance.” It wasn’t until Winn started going through her candy at home when he saw what it really was: a $100 bill.

A shocked Winn shared the discovery with his wife.

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“It’s just over the top,” he said. “We live in a pretty rough neighborhood and you usually don’t hear about random acts of kindness like this.”

East County Today residents gushed over the kind gesture on Facebook.

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“Its nice to know there’s still good people out here,” Kellie Campbell said.
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