SAN FRANCISCO (CBS-SF) – A six-year hunt for a known San Francisco gang member who was wanted for an attempted homicide has ended after he was taken into custody following a brief SWAT standoff in Antioch, authorities said Thursday.

San Francisco police said Ulysses “Bear” Davis was taken into custody early Wednesday morning inside a residence in the 5000 block of Crestpark Circle in the City of Antioch.

Investigators had developed information that Davis was hiding at the residence and surrounded the home. He was taken into custody after a brief standoff.

Davis was on the United States Marshal’s Service list of Most Wanted Fugitives in Northern California.

He had been on the run for six years and had outstanding warrants for attempted homicide and weapons violations including use of an assault rifle.

Davis was transported to San Francisco where he was later booked into custody at the Federal Building.