SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — With just under two weeks before the big game, security is already ramping up for Super Bowl 50.

Visitors to Super Bowl City in downtown San Francisco, which opens to the public on Saturday, January 30 and runs through the Sunday February 7, can expect to go through layers of security much like at NFL stadiums.

Metal detectors and bags checks will be among the security measures people attending Super Bowl City will encounter.

Former FBI special agent Jeffery Harp, now a KPIX security analyst, is no stranger to big events and their security challenges. Harp says, “these types of events are a lure and a draw.”

After terror attacks such as those in Paris, San Bernardino, and Boston, Harp says more people might be thinking about what could happen at such a high-profile event.

Super Bowl City will be fenced off and long lines are expected to form at its four security gates for not only hundreds of thousands of expected visitors, but for anyone just trying to get around the downtown.

Harp said that besides the metal detectors and bag checks, there will be armed security guards and law enforcement personnel – both in uniform and in plainclothes. He said there are going to be a variety of cameras set up around the area, including private security cameras located around businesses.

Still, Harp said, there are “going to be vulnerabilities in a lot of places.”

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