By Da Lin

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Even though it’s been a dry day in the Oakland Hills, water continues to seep out of a hillside with homes on it, causing a landslide.

The East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) said it is their treated water coming from a leak somewhere above.

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EBMUD spokeswoman Tracie Morales-Noisy said, “We’re currently listening for leaks in an area where there are aging pipes. These pipes are about 60 years old.”

Leak detection specialists drilled holes, even dug up the ground to inspect nearby pipes, but couldn’t find any leaks.

Morales-Noisy said crews were installing sound devices today so that they can listen for leaks at night, when it’s the most quiet.

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Homeowner Kevin Best watched the hillside on Oak Hill Road go down more than a week ago.

The next day, a land surveyor he hired got stuck knee-deep in the mud and firefighters had to pull the man out.

Best said he just hopes his house won’t get swallowed up.

“Your house is your security. Anytime that security is invaded it’s pretty difficult,” Best said. “We’re weathering the storm, no pun intended.”

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Across the bay, a home near Mount Davidson in San Francisco, had to be demolished before it could slide down the hill and onto houses below. That homeowner has said he suspects a leaking 8-inch water main caused the landslide, but that the city is investigating and hasn’t yet claimed responsibility.