By Len Ramirez

SAN MARTIN (CBS SF) — The last time Romale Glossen saw his dog ‘Charlie,’ was when the pooch was hit by a VTA train in the South Bay. He wasn’t sure if he would live through the night.

Charlie not only survived, but he sat up and wagged his tail the moment he saw Glossen enter his kennel at the county animal shelter.

“He looks like he’s ready to get out of here.  I know Charlie.  That light rail, he took a whack.  It really knocked him out,” Glossen said.

Glossen and Charlie are homeless. For the last year, they have been constant companions living on the streets of San Jose.

Monday night, Glossen was crossing light rail tracks, walking his bike with Charlie trailing behind when a fast moving train struck the bike, and Charlie.

Sheriff’s deputies were so moved when they saw the sad scene that they began raising money to pay for Charlie’s emergency vet bills.

They also tracked down Glossen and drove him to the animal shelter so he could see his dog.

“I feel good.  I feel good.  I’m just thankful he’s still alive.  He’s looking normal,” Glossen said.

But as it turns out, the reunion will be a short one.

Glossen is giving Charlie up.

“The family has a place where Charlie can stay,” Sgt. Dave Cobble of the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department said.

“I couldn’t stay in there that long, I started getting all watery eyed,” Glossen said after saying his goodbyes to Charlie.

Charlie was once owned by a family who had to give him up for adoption years ago.  He’s had two other owners since then.

After the accident, Charlie’s original owners were contacted through the chip in his ear, and they’ve agreed to take him back.

“I just want to see the best for Charlie.  He’s ten years old and he needs to be comfortable now, and living out his glory years,”Glossen said.

Glossen knows the best place for Charlie is not on the streets with him.

“They say things happen for a reason.  I hate for it to happen like this, but maybe it was for the best,” Glossen said.