NAPA (CBS SF) – A pregnant Napa County woman has been diagnosed with the Zika Virus, the first such case in the county, health officials confirmed Wednesday.

According to officials, the woman recently traveled to Central America and that the woman is not showing signs of a Zika infection at this time. The county is not releasing the woman’s name to protect her privacy.

Napa County health officials stressed this case of Zika virus does not threaten public health.

“There is no active transmission of Zika virus in Napa County, and the two kinds of mosquitos that transmit the virus have not been found here,” Napa County Health Officer Dr. Karen Relucio said in a statement.

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The county said it is working together with healthcare providers to test for cases of Zika among pregnant women or sexual partners who traveled to countries with the virus.

Last month, a woman in neighboring Yolo County tested positive for the Zika virus, also following a trip abroad. The woman was reportedly doing fine and her case was described as mild.

The California Department of Public Health urges the public to take steps to avoid mosquito bites, encouraging the use of insect repellent when necessary and to remove standing water from outside their homes.


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