"This is the beginning—we’re writing the story right now for these kids."

By Hayden Wright

HAVANA, CUBA (RADIO.COM) – Relaxed relations between the United States and Cuba have made it easier for artists like Diplo to perform on the Havana nightlife circuit. On Sunday, The New York Times followed the EDM producer to a gig for 2,000 fans on the José Martí Anti-Imperialist Platform, outside the newly reopened American Embassy. He sat down with the reporter to discuss why bringing his music to new, international audiences matters.

“Of course [Cubans] are going to be into electronic music—it’s so accessible,” he said, adding that EDM transcends politics. “Major Lazer is just the quintessential, easy-enough group to make it make some sense. This is the beginning—we’re writing the story right now for these kids. It’s going to be different from here on out.”

VIDEO: Diplo also appeared on CBS This Morning to promote the appearance:

“I think it’s important to play places like this where the music is brand new,” he said. “These are the guys that are gonna change it—the kids in Pakistan, the kids in Havana.”

Check out the CBS This Morning feature with Diplo at Radio.com
Plus see Diplo headline 99.7[NOW!]’s Electric Bounce House 4 in San Jose.

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