By Danny Cox

This has been one of the most unpredictable and strangest NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournaments in history, and while all four number one seeds remain, it’s still been a strange one. Brackets weren’t just busted after the first round, but the majority were gone after just the first day of games.

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CBS Sports college basketball analyst Dan Bonner will be calling the Midwest Region, and the former captain of the 1975 Virginia Cavaliers knows that his alma mater has a tough test ahead of them. All teams do, and he took some time to talk about what could be a wild Sweet 16 and final few rounds.

Do you believe either one of the double-digit seeds will make it past the Elite 8?

Dan Bonner: “I think they could, yes. Gonzaga is the team that has the best chance out of the two though.”

Oregon has been criticized for being a number one seed, would that talk go away if they beat Duke?

DB: “I think obviously, yes, it would. Even losing to Duke though, Oregon is still very deserving of their place in the tournament. Number one seeds lose all the time and every year. It happens. Oregon was well deserving of their seed and they still are.

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If they lose tonight, it isn’t because they weren’t deserving of their spot or being there. If they lose tonight, it is because they have a very strong match-up ahead of them.”

Texas A&M is the lone remaining SEC team, has that conference taken a step back?

DB: “Yes, and it’s always ‘yes’ if Kentucky is not an elite team. The biggest problem is that Kentucky has not been a dominant team this year.

Whenever John Calipari can field a great Kentucky team for any length of time, they can be a dominant team. When Kentucky is a dominant team, they have the ability to bring other teams along with them from the SEC.”

Will all four number one seeds make it through the Sweet 16?

DB: “No, I don’t think so. I think the two most vulnerable teams are Oregon and Virginia. Don’t get me wrong, though. They are not the two most vulnerable teams because they are the worst number one seeds or anything like that. It’s because of the games they are in, the strong opponents they have to face in the Sweet 16.”

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