KCBS_740 MOUNTAIN VIEW (KCBS) — Plans for a new Google building in Mountain View call for the removal of 160 trees, the majority of them “heritage trees.”

However, the urban tree non-profit Canopy says that these trees aren’t worth a fight.   They say the trees, which include redwoods, aren’t native to the area, and are largely dying because they don’t have enough water.

Google is asking to cut down 100 of the trees to build the new campus which will be named Charleston East.

The city of Mountain View defines a “heritage” tree as an oak, cedar or redwood tree that stands at least 54 feet tall and with a circumference of 48 inches or more.

Senior Mountain View city planner Stephanie Williams says any the replacement trees would “far exceed” what Google cuts down, and they will be native to the area.


  1. Judy Jacobs says:

    Cut down trees for a BIKEPATH???!! Fine just pave the entire state of California. It’s loosing a
    huge number of trees as it is due to drought. What’s a 100 + more? After all we NEED more space for business, housing and parking. Who cares about CO2?? It’s your precious children
    (on bikes) who will suffer. Doesn’t ANYONE appreciate something that has lived for 100+ years?
    WE ARE KILLING THE PLANET! (or didn’t you realize that?)