FRESNO, Calif. (CBS/AP) — Authorities say a Central California woman attacked by two dogs is fighting for her life.

Fresno Police Lt. Joe Gomez said two pit bulls escaped from a backyard early Tuesday, mauling the woman in an alleyway. Gomez says the two female dogs either squeezed through the fence or jumped over it.

Gomez says the dog owner heard the commotion, but didn’t know the dogs were attacking the woman because it was dark.

He says the owner called one of the dogs back into her yard; she retrieved the second dog, discovering the woman being attacked. A neighbor called police.

Authorities say the woman was rushed into surgery with life-threatening injuries.

Officers tried to identify the woman in her 50s using her finger prints, but couldn’t due to her injuries.

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  1. What happened to the dogs owner? Has she been criminally charged with anything? Has this ever happened before? Where is the rest of the story?