By Da Lin

DUBLIN (KPIX 5) — Residents in Dublin say property crime has gotten so bad that they aren’t waiting for police to solve the problem, and are patrolling the streets of their own neighborhoods.

“I couldn’t sleep. I felt violated,” one burglary victim told KPIX 5.

A surveillance camera caught footage of the suspect in that break in Saturday night.  The victim said her house was ransacked, and electronics and jewelry were stolen. She’s not alone.

Burglars recently broke into another house on the same street in a neighborhood where nine burglaries happened in March alone.  There have been two so far in April.

The neighbors have banded together, and are taking turns patrolling the streets.

“Cars we haven’t seen. Taking down license plates, the color of the cars – just anything that’s out of the ordinary,” the resident said.

Dublin’s Mayor is concerned about the situation.

“We want them to do their part by reporting, but not by engaging,” Mayor David Haubert said.

Police say burglaries spiked last year, with Dublin seeing over fifty home burglaries.  In 2016 so far, there have been 26 cases.

Four suspected burglars from Richmond were arrested in Dublin last month, but police say there are multiple groups targeting Dublin homes.

“We think there’s a growing affluence, and newer homes are being targeted,” Haubert said.

As for the victim in Saturday’s burglary, she’s hoping officers will catch the suspect soon.

“Short vacation for the spring break, but that’s been cancelled due to what happened,” she said.


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