OAKLAND (CBS SPORTS) — The intersection of “good coaches” and “coaches that are from Phil Jackson’s coaching tree and understand how to coach the “Triangle” is pretty slim. That’s not a very wide Venn Diagram crossover. Steve Kerr would be great, but I’m pretty sure he’s happy with his current employment situations.

This is why the New York Knicks president has talked so much about Kurt Rambis possibly being an option, and why Brian Shaw is also discussed. However, the one name that brings credibility and who has a good history with Jackson is his former player, and Golden State Warriors assistant, Luke Walton.

But with the Knicks looking to answer their coaching search in the near future, they may not want to wait for the Warriors’ presumably long playoff run to conclude to interview Walton. The good news is that the New York Post reports it won’t be a problem.

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