KCBS_740 SAN JOSE (KCBS) — It’s no secret that garlic fries are a popular treat in the Bay Area. They were so popular at a South Bay McDonald’s restaurant testing the salty side that they temporarily sold out.

“The customers consumed in one day, about a week’s worth of supplies,” McDonald’s franchise owner Cosme Fagundo told KCBS.

It isn’t the garlic the restaurant has run out of – there’s no shortage being so close to the Central Valley; it’s the special garlic sauce made by Christopher Ranch in Gilroy.

“That’s really what the deal is. Everybody’s been saying there’s not enough garlic; it’s not true. We ran out of the sauce for ourselves, and they’re in the process of making some more,” Fagundo said.

That could take a matter of weeks.

McDonald’s is considering adding garlic fries to all of its Bay Area restaurants after the initial interest was so high, Fagundo said.