KCBS_740 OAKLAND (KCBS) — AC Transit recognized one of its drivers as a hero for helping a seven-year-old autistic boy who wandered away from his home in Piedmont.

Danny Eichberg and his parents, Mike Eichberg and Maya Ponte were at a ceremony in Oakland Wednesday night to say thank you to bus driver Ari Megaro.

“I looked out the window, and I was thinking, ‘okay, he’s doing his normal thing, he’s riding back and forth in front of the house, that’s okay.’ And, then I looked again, and he was gone,” Maya told KCBS.

Megaro, along with some passengers on the bus, noticed the boy on Grand Avenue, riding a foot-powered scooter by himself.

Megaro stopped the bus and talked to Danny, encouraging him to get on the bus.

Megaro said he was alarmed Danny was alone so he called police and stayed with Danny on the bus until help arrived.

AC Transit said Megaro went “above and beyond the call of duty.”