SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A fence surrounding one of San Francisco’s most iconic parks isn’t doing much to deter tourists.

Alamo Square closed recently for renovations, but many people are still finding ways to snap photos of the famous “Painted Ladies.”

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San Francisco’s row of Victorian homes has always made for a fabulous photograph, but it was the opening sequence of the television show ‘Full House’ that made Alamo Square Park a tourist destination.

“Came to see where ‘Full House’ was filmed and didn’t know the fence was going to be here,” said Maninder Gill, a tourist visiting from Vancouver, British Columbia.

The fence is up because the park is undergoing renovation, but the recent change is not mentioned in brochures, so tourists continue to come.

Most just settle for the overhead reach snapshot, but some of the more determined visitors were recently caught sneaking through a hole in the fence to get the shot from the exact spot Uncle Jesse hung out.  The fence has since been repaired, but it does raise an ethical dilemma.

“I would hope that I wouldn’t do that but, you know, after traveling a few thousand miles, it might be tempting to slip through and take a few shots,” said Eric McFarland, who was visiting from Louisiana.

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McFarland brought his family all the way across the country to see this spot, even if his daughter Annaclaire doesn’t seem quite as excited about it as dad.

“They’ve been in a lot of movies and TV shows…and, that’s about all I know,” said an unimpressed Annaclaire.

Gill was jazzed to be here, but once again, the family just didn’t seem to appreciate the historical significance of this place.

“My wife and my kid are in the car. They don’t even bother getting out,” said Gill. “They’re like, ‘What are you gonna see? A fence is up, so…'”

“Take a picture, do what you need to do, Snapchat, whatever, and I’ll wait for you,” said his wife, Jasprit.

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And while tourists are no doubt disappointed, they will continue to come, because how it currently looks probably won’t end up in any guidebooks