By Anne Makovec

PITTSBURG (KPIX) — Friday night, the driver of a pickup truck pulled into a gas station on Highway 4 near Pittsburg after hearing a loud pop and found that the vehicle’s rear window had been shattered by a bullet fired into it. A woman riding in the truck was hit by flying glass.

Pickup Truck Shot on Hwy 4

The driver of this pickup truck found a hole shot in the back window. (CBS)

There have been more than 20 shootings on East Bay highways in Contra Costa and Alameda counties since November, 2015.

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One shooting killed a pregnant mother of four. Many happened in broad daylight.

The CHP says these shootings are gang-related and targeted. In any case, they’re putting innocent people in danger.

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“You could be driving to work and then just get caught in the crossfire,” said Michael Nash, who lives in Vallejo.

Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (D-11th District) wants to get more help from the Feds and he told KPIX 5 that, on Monday, he will instruct his staff to look at all available funding to put more highway surveillance cameras in place.

“We should be building this infrastructure. It’s how we all live nowadays,” Rep. DeSaulnier said.

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The city of Pittsburg just installed ten cameras within city limits but there are miles of Highway 4 and Interstate 80 where criminals know they’re not being watched.