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Almost immediately after Chip Kelly was jettisoned from the Eagles after Week 16 of the 2015-16 NFL season, reports started emerging detailing the behind-the-scenes drama that ultimately led to Kelly’s demise.

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There were the issues between Kelly and GM Howie Roseman, the rumored growing divide between Kelly and owner Jeffrey Lurie and the issues Kelly had managing his personnel, including his scouts among others.

Now, if new reports are true, history may be repeating itself in an expedited fashion in San Francisco.

NFL Analyst Brian Baldinger stated during a radio appearance that he’s already heard from somebody involved in the 49ers’ organization that Kelly and GM Trent Baalke are already at odds.

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From Bleeding Green Nation:

“I already hear that there’s problems in the building with [Chip Kelly] and Trent Baalke,” Baldinger said. “I already hear there’s problems. And remember Chip was already saying, ‘Look, I don’t wanna [be involved with] personnel.’ I already hear there’s problems. I talked to somebody tied to the program the other day.”

When radio host Anthony Gargano asked whether the 49ers already regretted their decision to hire Kelly, Baldiner said, “It was a mistake from the standpoint that one person from the organization wanted him and one didn’t. But the person that made the decision has more of the power. So it’s a problem.”

Whether Kelly can learn from his past mistakes or not will ultimately determine the outcome of his stint in San Francisco. If early reports are any indication, things likely won’t end much differently for him than they did in Philadelphia.

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