By Joe Vazquez

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — Police are on high alert, looking for a mystery gunman who is shooting into occupied vehicles in San Jose.

San Jose police say for the past three months, somebody has been shooting into occupied cars driving along Blossom Hill Road.

It has resulted in shot out windows and now, the gunman is causing drivers to duck for cover.

In each case, a single bullet was fired and they all happened in the early morning hours.

In two cases, people were injured. One man was grazed by a bullet and a woman was hurt by either shrapnel or glass.

Police say they have stepped up patrols in south San Jose, in the area of Blossom Hill and Poughkeepsie roads.

They still don’t know who is firing the gun or from where.

San Jose resident Mark Pirotta says his car was shot up back in early March, also on Blossom Hill Road, just a couple of miles away from the latest crime scenes.

“My driver’s side window was completely shot out,” he said.

He was not in the car at the time. A couple of his buddies also had their windows shot out around that same time nearby. Those cars were also unoccupied.

“It’s a form of terrorism. I mean they’re going around town and terrorizing people,” he said. “People in the car now? I would say it’s terrorism.”