VACAVILLE (CBS SF) — A quick-thinking woman outwitted an armed felon who she thought was tailing her car.

Investigators say the woman was driving home Sunday when she noticed the man following close behind in her rearview mirror.

She called 911 and told dispatchers who, in turn, directed the woman to the Vacaville Police Department’s parking lot.

The unsuspecting man behind her didn’t realize he was following her into a trap.

Officers arrested 34-year-old Robert Aton of Vallejo.

Police arresting Robert Aton (CBS)

Police arresting Robert Aton (CBS)

Police say they found an unregistered handgun, a magazine with bullets along with body armor and handcuffs in his car.

Aton is now facing weapons charges.

Vacaville Police posted a photo of the arrest on their Facebook page along with a warning to anyone who thinks they are being followed.

Police say never take a chance on going home. Call 911 and ask for an officer to meet you at the nearest police station.