For small business owners in various industries, such as the restaurant industry and retail, the point-of-sale system has always been a sore spot. Many small businesses have gotten by on old, dated systems, while their larger competitors are able to operate with a more integrated approach. San Francisco-based tech company Revel has developed an iPad based, integrated POS system that allows small business owners to operate like a larger business in a cost effective manner. CEO and Co-founder Lisa Falzone talks about the company and how it is assisting small business owners.

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Accidental market

Like many companies, the final product developed by Revel ended up being a departure from what was initially intended. Falzone states, “Revel Systems originally started out under a completely different premise: an online ordering app for the iPhone, similar to GrubHub. However, while selling the app to local restaurants, Co-founder Chris Ciabarra and I realized the bigger problem in the restaurant space was in reinventing the cash register. The POS systems at the restaurants we visited all had the same qualities: bulky, archaic and expensive.” The pair decided that they could restructure the product to solve these small business problems.


An integrated solution

One thing that makes Revel stand out among business owners in these industries is that it offers a truly integrated approach. The software can be linked with other programs like accounting software and inventory management software that gives a more accurate, real-time overview of the business. Falzone states, “Revel provides the most comprehensive and versatile all-in-one solution on the market by integrating end-to-end, from sales transactions at the checkout line and mobile ordering to extensive analytics across locations. Every Revel iPad POS is fully customizable according to each business’s specific needs and wants, including features such as inventory control, employee management, loyalty programs and even direct integration with the number one accounting solution, Intuit’s Quickbooks, and the fastest growing expense reporting software, Expensify.” The software even allows small businesses to take advantage of customer solutions such as online ordering and self checkout.


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Building a better product

One of the things that people like about Revel software is that the company is open to suggestions from customers, and is always looking for ways to improve its products. Falzone and the Revel team like to ensure that the software is always user-friendly. “Whether you’re running a coffee shop, a food truck or a full-service restaurant, Revel’s design ensures that features are placed intuitively and are easily accessible, keeping with the company’s overall mission to create a quick, powerful and intuitive iPad POS system that empowers businesses. Revel’s POS systems feature both a clean interface that can engage customers and streamline checkouts as well as enterprise-level functionalities that equip entrepreneurs with the tools they need to run their businesses.”

What started out as a simple app development idea quickly grew into a solution for business owners in a variety of industries. By innovative thinking and a willingness to listen to clients, Revel has positioned itself among the best POS system providers for businesses.



This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger of for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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