BERKELEY (CBS SF) — Kids taking swimming lessons at King Middle School in Berkeley were stunned Thursday morning when a deer pranced onto the deck and plunged right into the pool.

The deer splashed in right next to the kids. A few feet over and the animal could have actually landed on a child.

“Our staff is trained in dealing with lots of emergencies but never a deer in the pool,” said Denise Brown, Berkeley’s Recreation and Youth Service Manager. “They sprang into action!”

Staffers were able to grab the deer and, using a life vest, steer the animal into the shallow end of the pool.

Once they did that, the animal was able to scramble out of the water and run away. By the time Animal Control arrive, the little guy was long gone.

Staffers treated and monitored the pool water and in no time the children were allowed to swim again.

No deer or humans were hurt in the incident.

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