SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Bedrock Baby. How much does it matter?

Builders of the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco’s downtown may be taking a not-so-subtle jab at their Millennium Tower neighbors with a Facebook post after it was discovered the tower could be sinking, and leaning.

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The Salesforce Tower Facebook page posted a video touting the new structure’s ‘Enhanced Seismic Safety’ with the text “Bedrock Baby!”

Residents at the neighboring Millennium Tower across the street have been filing lawsuits against their own developers after being informed the building – which was built on an area of mud-fill – was sinking.

Millennium Tower officials say their tower’s movement was triggered by the Transbay Terminal project, which sits at the base of the Salesforce Tower. But, Transbay Terminal officials say the choice not to sink anchors deep enough was to blame for the Millennium Tower’s troubles.

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“To cut costs, Millennium did not drill piles to bedrock,” the authority said in a statement.

Facebook users echoed that comment, expressing shock that the building was allowed to be built without drilling into the bedrock to anchor the building.

Tanya Lodahl via Facebook.

Tanya Lodahl via Facebook.

The Salesforce Tower’s video shows an animation of the 42 load bearing elements sunk into the bedrock below the building, which will result in ‘Minimal Building Settling.’

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The jab didn’t slip by Facebook commenters on the Salesforce Tower page.

Roberto Acevedo via Facebook.

Roberto Acevedo via Facebook.